Accidental Daytime TV Swearing: 13 Times Hosts Of 'This Morning', 'BBC Breakfast' And 'Loose Women' Turned The Air Blue

Holly Willoughby, Bill Turnbull and Kaye Adams
Holly Willoughby, Bill Turnbull and Kaye Adams

Swearing isn’t big and it’s most certainly not clever, but when it happens by accident, it is pretty funny. Add some live daytime TV and wholesome presenters into the mix, and you have yourself a recipe for hilarity.

The hosts of ‘BBC Breakfast’, ‘This Morning’, ‘Loose Women’, ‘GMTV’ and ‘Good Morning Britain’ have all fallen victim to unfortunate on-air slip ups over the years, with the usually straight-laced Bill Turnbull most recently dropping the C-bomb live on breakfast telly.

Remind yourself of 12 other glorious cursing cock ups in our gallery below, which needless to say, contains some rather fruity language.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you...

Accidental Daytime TV Swearing

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