'Because The Pasta Touched The Sauce' Parents Reveal Hilarious Responses To Why Toddlers Cry

Toddler logic would baffle even the scientists behind the Hadron Collider, let alone the average parent.

But, as we know too well - it is both mysterious and baffling. For instance, what do you say to a toddler who is upset at being wet but refuses to get out of the bath?

One mother decided to ask the question to other parents by simply posting on Reddit: "Why is your toddler crying?"

Cue a wealth of responses from parents of toddlers which detailed everything from "I told her she couldn't drink an old cup of milk" to "We came home from the park after he said he wanted to go home".

The original Reddit user, StellaBluebell, then wrote: "Thanks for the laughs. It's nice to know I'm not the only one living with irrational nut cases."

Here are a few of our favourite responses and a little comforting reminder that those parents dealing with the terrible twos - you're really not alone.

Parents, you're not alone.

Beth Maher

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