Andy Burnham Newsnight Interview Reveals Labour Leadership Hopeful Would Renationalise The Railways

Burnham Reveals Which Industries He Would Renationalise

Andy Burnham tonight claimed he would bring the railways back into public ownership as he fought to seize control in the Labour leadership contest.

The Shadow Health Secretary, who is the bookies favourite to become the next Labour leader, also talked up merging health and social care services to cope with the UK's ageing population.

Mr Burnham has been accused of flip-flipping on policy positions during the race, which has seen left wing veteran Jeremy Corbyn gain support.

But in an interview on Newsnight, Mr Burnham attempted to flesh out his views in several policy areas, including attacking the expansion of the role of the private sector in the NHS under New Labour.

Asked which industries he would renationalise, Mr Burnham said: "More public control and ownership of the railways. I believe it's the right thing to do."

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