Disneyland Paris Charges British Tourists 'More Than French People' For Tickets

Disneyland Paris is facing a pricing probe amid claims it charges British tourists more than its French customers, according to a report.

The Financial Times (FT) said the theme park could face action by the European Commission, which has ordered French authorities to look into its pricing policy for visitors from different nations.

An EU assessment found British customers could be charged up to £372 more than French people for premium packages to the park.

They could also be paying up to 15% more for one-day tickets, the paper said.

Brits could be paying an extra £372 for premium packages

The FT added that for premium packages UK visitors to the park could be paying 1,870 euros (£1,327), compared with 1,346 euros (£955) for French ticketholders and 2,447 euros (£1,736) for German tourists.

EU rules allow for price differences between member countries only in certain conditions such as seasonal demand, and not based on a person's country of residence.

Disneyland Paris said its promotions were based on school holiday periods in local markets and basic packages without promotional discounts were the same across all countries.

The EU assessed prices of other theme parks in Europe and did not find the same variation, according to the newspaper.

Disneyland is was the only theme park in Europe where the EU assessment found the differences

Elzbieta Bienkowska, EU commissioner for the single market, said there had been a number of complaints which were "very significant, particularly in one or two instances".

She told the FT: "It is time to get to the bottom of this. I am interested in answers and explanations, On the face of it, I struggle to see what objective justification there could be for these practices."

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