Men In Dresses: Will Young On How Skirts And Dresses Make Him Look 'More Masculine'

What does Will Young have in common with Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Jared Leto and Marc Jacobs?

Aside from a Y chromosome, it's dresses, of course.

The 36-year-old former winner of Pop Idol has been sharing his new style on Instagram and revealed in a new interview that he thinks dresses and skirts make him look more masculine.

Taking note that menswear catwalks have been filled with them for the past couple of years, Young feels his new look is at the forefront of fashion and we reckon he's right.

New tea dress #menindresses#mini traveller #ray bands and chunky boots!!!

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"Honestly you wouldn't believe how free and manly you feel in a skirt," he told the Telegraph.

Young also took the opportunity to share his fashion advice with other men: "Don't go for highly feminine colours. Rummage around vintage shops or just walk into Gap. And Muji is great for simple styles for the smaller man."

The singer is such a fan of the trend, he even chose to don a skirt on the shoot for his upcoming album cover.

Phuket, Thailand, shooting the 85% Proof album cover

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Check out the best outfits from the #menindresses hashtag on Instagram:

#menindresses #legs#glastonbury #winnie

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Last nights outfit #menindresses

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#ootd as in #outfitoftheday 💁🏼 #menindresses

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Gótica suave. #gotica #washim_looks #dress #allblack #vestido #modamasculina #modafeminina

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