Microsoft Windows 10 Is The First Operating System To Support Middle Finger Emoji


If you're still sitting on the fence about whether to upgrade to Windows 10, you may want to check out the tech giant's new offering of emojis.

True to its word, Microsoft Windows 10 now allows its users to give people the middle finger. Yay?

While news of the update was released in May, yesterday's launch confirmed the addition.

Unicode, the organisation that sets the industry standard for emojis, unveiled the character almost a year ago but most operating systems, including Apple and Google, have been quite shy about allowing their users to have access to this particular form of emoji (ahem) expression.

According to Emojipedia, Windows 10 also uses grey as the default skin tone colour for emojis, which you can change as per your preference.

The skin tone changes were introduced based on recommendations from Unicode stating that "default skin tone of emoji people should be generic (nonhuman) in appearance."

While hand gesture characters may not be the stuff that makes or breaks Windows 10, it certainly sends a message to Microsoft's competitors.

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