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'I Love You But I Don't Miss You' Parents Share Hilarious Letters Children Send Them From Camp

Summer camp is a US phenomenon where children and teenagers spend their summer months away from home with other kids, tonnes of activities (and basically give their parents a break).

But it seems even when their children are miles away, they don't fail in providing some laughs with the letters they send home from camp.

They're so funny (or adorable) that parents have begun to share these precious notes on Instagram using #LettersFromCamp.

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This joker down here...

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The kid that doesn't miss his parents (but does love them):

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And the child who bluntly proclaims: "I do NOT miss you".

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There's the child who really can't be bothered to write:

She misses us can't you tell? #LettersFromCamp

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Then there's the sweet ones.

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