23 Pictures Of Seagulls ‘Attacking' Coastal Towns That Remind Us Of Alfred Hitchcock's ‘The Birds'

Britain is in full panic mode amid claims the country's marauding seagulls are now feasting on whole rats to stave off their insatiable hunger.

There have been reports of the birds stealing mobile phones, attacking a man for a bacon butty and leaving him with a black eye and even being a risk to babies.

David Cameron went as far as talking about a cull saying a "big conversation" is needed after reports of a seagull killing dog caused public outcry.

Seagull expert Peter Rock, told the Daily Mail that the birds are "misunderstood" and simply trying to protect their chicks, adding that they are "highly intelligent and try to avoid conflict with humans."

Misunderstood or not, these brassy birds seem to be causing quite a frenzy amongst locals in coastal towns, which is reminiscent of scenes from Alfred Hitchcocks ‘The Birds’.

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