03/08/2015 12:40 BST | Updated 03/08/2015 13:59 BST

China Southern Airlines Flight Bound For London Runs Out Of Fuel, Makes Emergency Landing in Amsterdam

Bloomberg via Getty Images
A China Southern Airlines flight is forced to make emergency landing after running out of fuel (File Image) Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A passenger flight bound for London was forced to make an emergency landing in Amsterdam on Monday after running out of fuel.

China Southern Airlines flight CZ303 was reportedly told to avoid Chinese military activity after taking off from Gangzhou shortly before 9.30am local time.

It is believed that the Boeing 787 did not have enough fuel to reach its destination of London Heathrow.

It is not yet known how many passengers were on board the flight.

The flight tracking portal states that the China Southern plane was scheduled to land at London Heathrow at 3.10pm, but it had to be diverted.

Those concerned are advised to contact the airline.