Lenny Kravitz's Penis Fell Out When His Trousers Split On Stage

WARNING: This story contains an actual penis...

Rock n' roll legend Lenny Kravitz had a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during a show in Stockholm on Monday night.

The 51-year-old rocker's todger was exposed to the world when his leather trousers ripped during his first song at the Gröna Lund theme park on 3 August.

Kravitz was forced to leave the stage for a few minutes to change into some... roomier trousers. And maybe put some underpants on.

Here's a video of the moment Kravitz regretted his choice of trousers:

“The producer stepped up and said that they had some problems on stage. A bit later Kravitz came out wearing other trousers. He said 'sorry, I ripped my trousers',” a fan named Sara told the Expressen.

“It was insane, I killed myself laughing. And then I called my mum who was there at the show as well. Her reaction was the same and she almost killed herself laughing too."