Surfer With Disabilities Who Hasn't Walked For Two Years Defies Odds By Riding Waves


Most of us struggle with the concept of balancing on a surfboard. But for Mitchell Solomon-Coombs, the challenge starts before he even reaches the water.

The 22-year-old from Texas was born with various neurological disorders and was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as a teenager.

After several sports injuries when he was growing up, Solomon-Coombs lost his ability to walk two years ago and uses a wheelchair to get around.

But since discovering surfing in summer 2014 while on a family holiday, Solomon-Coombs determination has inspired many.

Solomon-Coombs said riding a wave has become like therapy to him.

Speaking to NBC Los Angeles, he said: "I stood up on a surfboard and I hadn't been able to walk in over two years. Ever since then, I caught my first wave and I said, 'I love this water.' I'm going to keep trying this out."

Filmed as part of a news report on 1 August, he is helped to the water with two people by his side.

But once he gets onto the surfboard his confidence blossoms and he rides the waves as onlookers are amazed.

Surfer Cassidy McClain, who competed in the US Open of Surfing admitted he was hugely inspired by Solomon-Coombs.

McClain told NBC Los Angeles: "Just his passion for trying to go out and surf, even though he has a disability, it's not stopping him. He's amazing, he's an inspiration."

Solomon-Coombs said while it's something new to him at the moment, he'd love to make his surfing lifestyle a little more permanent.

To watch him surfing, watch the NBC News report here.

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