04/08/2015 12:54 BST | Updated 04/08/2015 12:59 BST

Tube Strike News 'Just Getting Boring Now' Says Man Who Lives Outside London

Radius Images via Getty Images
Man With Dog in Pub

Londoners have been rocked this week by news that they are not at the centre of the universe.

The controversial and unproven statement was spurred on by news of a second Tube strike in as many months, which is set to make national headlines as the 87% of UK residents who live outside London brace for a bombardment of news they don't care about.

"Why should we bloody care if they can't get to work?" Yorkshireman Barry Surname said to a stranger down the pub. "Bloody Londoners think they're the centre of the universe but they're not. It's just getting bloody boring."

Union workers are set to strike all day on 6 August, causing commuters a small amount of extra hassle during their journey to work. Some of the worst hit are actually expected to walk.