05/08/2015 11:40 BST | Updated 05/08/2016 06:12 BST

Boris Johnson Vows No More Cash On Table For Striking Tube Workers

London's mayor has made it clear no more money will be offered to resolve a dispute on the underground which will halt Tube services from later today.

Boris Johnson said unions should put the latest "incredibly generous" offer to their members.

He condemned the latest 24 hour walk out from 6.30pm which will bring the system to a standstill until Friday morning.

Speaking after a visit to military veterans at the Royal Hospital he repeated his refusal to meet union leaders to try to break the deadlocked row over pay and conditions for the planned new all night Tube.

The mayor said he was "not fussed " about the new service starting on time on September 12.

"I want it starting in the autumn - what I am fussed about is the offer being put to union members.

"I am not going to authorise any more money. Most people would recognise that this is a very generous deal. "

Mr Johnson said he did not believe politicians should "undermine " their own management.

He added it would be "grotesque " if unions called longer strikes if the dispute remains unresolved.

The row escalated today when the RMT union announced it will now ballot engineers working for Tube Lines for strikes over the same dispute.