Destiny: The Taken King Replaces Game Of Thrones Star Peter Dinklage With Video Game Veteran Nolan North

Destiny: The Taken King is set to be the single largest update to Bungie's billion-dollar game since it first launched in September 2014.

Not only will it fundamentally change the way that people play Destiny by changing the effects of weapons and abilities but it also looks to re-write its own history, including some of its characters.

'Ghost' is one of the key characters in Destiny.

Bungie has hired video game veteran Nolan North to play 'Ghost' in its latest expansion The Taken King. North won't just be playing 'Ghost' in the new game though, he has in fact re-recorded all the dialogue for the character from the original game as well.

The move will replace the original dialogue which had been recorded by Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

While reviews of Destiny were positive, the view was that sadly, Dinklage's performance just didn't resonate with the players.

Bungie tried several options including altering Dinklage's voice to sound more like a robot but the fact remained that it felt at times, wooden.

While the arguments continue over whether this was Dinklage's fault or the script itself Bungie is looking to cast it as water under the bridge.

Destiny 1.5

The Taken King isn't just about replacing video game characters. Along with a massive new storyline the update that has earned the nickname 'Destiny 1.5' will also give any players who join a free level boost.

Levels are key to progression in Destiny with missions, DLCs, weapons and armour all being tied to level requirements. Both the recent expansion packs required certain levels before they could be played, however Bungie muddled the water slightly when it moved from an experience-based levelling system to a loot-based one. This meant that the only way to level up was to find better gear, essentially an act of chance.

The Taken King will replace this with a straightforward experience-based levelling system all the way up to 40.

It'll launch on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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