London Tube Strike: Map Shows One Upside To Public Transport Nightmare... Burning Calories

A healthcare company has found a silver lining in the looming grey cloud that is the London tube strike. has teamed up with GP Wayne Osborne to give health conscious Londoners a glimpse of how many calories they could burn by walking between stations during this week's tube strike.

The strike, which is scheduled to run from 5-6th August, is led by a rail union in response to the proposed all-night Tube service, due to begin on 12 September.

According to the map, the average person should burn roughly four calories per minute of walking. (This is based on someone of the UK average weight, 11 stone, walking at a speed of three miles per hour.)

It works by calculating the number of calories a person would burn between two consecutive tube stops. For example, those hoping to trek between Westminster and Green Park could burn off 92 calories. Meanwhile, walking between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road would burn 28 calories.

Those who need to scale more than two stops can add the amounts together to calculate the total number of calories they can burn on their commute.

In a blog post, Dr Wayne Osborne writes: "Many of the inner city stops are about two minutes apart on the line, but around 10-15 minutes walking distance apart. The time difference with regard to this kind of distance is almost negligible, when you consider that waiting for up to five minutes for a tube train is a regular occurrence, as is queuing up at the turnstiles and taking time to walk to the right platform.

"Most people will burn just short of four calories per minute when walking. So walking for 10-15 minutes will burn around 40-60 calories. This means that there’s a great added health benefit to hopping off the tube one stop early when on your way to work, or opting to walk to your connecting train instead of taking the tube."

Dr Osborne adds that this is a great way to tackle obesity without having to religiously hit the gym.

Well, when you put it like that, maybe this tube strike isn't so bad after all.