06/08/2015 08:37 BST | Updated 14/08/2015 04:59 BST

Cristiano Ronaldo Video Captures Real Madrid Star In Disguise For Surprise Stunt

He’s known for taking care of his looks - which might be why crowds failed to recognise Cristiano Ronaldo in a busy Madrid street when he disguised himself.

The Real Madrid star underwent a makeover, complete with long hair, greying bristly beard and a padded suit, leaving him barely unrecognisable.

Then, complete with a canine companion, Ronaldo took to the street of the Spanish capital’s Plaza del Callao, where he showed off his football skills.

cristiano ronaldo

An unrecognisable Ronaldo shows off his skills

In a video clip, Ronald, who also captains the Portugese national team, can be seen engaging with passers-by, trying to get them to join him in a kick-about - and unsurprisingly even asking one woman for her phone number.

Eventually he reveals his true identity to a young boy, peeling off his prosthetics and wig and presenting him with a signed football.


As the 30-year-old gives the stunned child a hug, passers-by suddenly realise the star they had been ignoring and swarm around him, snapping pictures on their phones.

That’s the last time we ignore a street performer…