Tesla Motors Model X SUV Will Arrive In The UK In September 2015

The Tesla Model X could be arriving on UK roads as soon as September according to a recent earnings call by Elon Musk's company.

In development since 2012, the Model X is the long-awaited sibling of the Model S saloon and hopes to offer the same futuristic electric car experience but in the form of a larger family-friendly vehicle.

Described by Musk as 'the most challenging car' to build in the world, the Model X has been available to pre-order since 2013 but due to construction delays and complications the vehicle's actual release date has been pushed back.

Tesla Motors has been keen to stress that while the Q3 release date for the Model X remains in place, the company will have no qualms pushing this back if they felt it was necessary.

Musk said: “Simply put, in a choice between a great product or hitting quarterly numbers, we will take the former.”

Tesla's electric car company recently hit the headlines after it unveiled the updated Model S P85 D - an extreme version of the company's electric saloon car that boasts supercar performance and a new 'Ludicrous Mode' which increases the car's speed and handling.

This is on top of the P85D's already impressive 'Insane Mode' which was originally introduced as an alternative to the 'Sports Mode' buttons found on most sports cars.

The Model X by contrast will offer a more refined experience, with futuristic gull-wing doors and a drivetrain that'll focus on range Tesla is hoping to carve a niche in the urban and inner-city SUV market that has proven so lucrative for car manufacturers.

So how much will it cost? While customers have been asked to fork out a $5,000 pre-order deposit there is yet to be an official price tag. Tesla estimates that the cost will be similar to the Model S so prices in the UK could start at around £44,000.

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