Revealed: Weirdest Things Found While Snooping On Other People's Phones (NSFW)

Businesswoman making big eyes while looking surprised.
Guido Mieth via Getty Images
Businesswoman making big eyes while looking surprised.

We've all been there, scrolling through someone else's phone and coming across something that offends the eyes and either a) makes you gag or b) makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep.

A Reddit user recently pitched the following question to the internet: what is the strangest thing you have found on someone else's phone?

And the responses, were, well as you would expect really... Bizarre and disgusting.

So, when my now-husband and I were about a year into our relationship, I went to look for a drunken selfie we had taken together on his phone the night before, and found a video that I didn't remember us taking, from the same night.

Apparently, I passed out, and he decided to make a "sexy" video for me. So he videos himself attempting to masturbate, except that he's too drunk, and it was just a few minutes of him flopping his weiner back and forth.

God love him, he tried. He still doesn't know I saw it, and he lost that phone not long after.

I feel incredibly sorry for whoever found it.

A teacher was showing me her wedding photos and one swipe too many lead to a bodacious tit pic, awkwardness ensued.

My mom had a dick pic in her inbox, upon closer inspection it turned out to be my own. the question I'm left with is this: did I get so wasted I sexted my mom and now can't remember? and she kept it for some reason? or is my girlfriend just trolling me?

My daughter-in-law's phone. She was showing me a pic of her cat and when I took the phone to look, it moved to the next pic -- posing naked with a slice of pepperoni pizza somehow attached to her hoo-ha.

Found an album on a friends phone of a bunch of dogs erect penises. I pretended like I had never seen it.

I work for (insert phone company here), and every so often this older black guy comes in and asks us to help him back up some photos to an SD card. Nothing out of the norm there.

Thing is, this guy has a fetish for girls spreading their buttcheeks showing their booty holes, and he usually has THOUSANDS of these pics. I mean, this guy LOVES him some chocolate starfish, and has NO shame in asking for our help backing those asses up.

It doesn't matter how many times we show him how to do it himself, he still just randomly shows up, with other customers in the store, no darting eyes or attempts to even cover up his back door obsession. Pretty chill guy, tbh.

Dude just likes to look at spread cheeks and cornholes.

My friend and I found a phone on the ground of a Reel Big Fish concert and there was home videos of some dude fucking a watermelon.

A picture of George Bush riding a horse... naked.

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