Vegemite Being Used To Brew Alcohol, Australia's Government Warns

It’s known among Australians as a tea-time favourite for sandwiches and toast - but it looks like Vegemite is being used for a rather different purpose by some people.

Some creative folks in rural areas in Queensland and across the country’s Northern Territory where alcohol is banned have used the yeast-laden spread to brew their own alcohol.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that there had been instances of people buying up to 20 jars of the brown stuff at once to make their own hooch.

Who knew you could use Vegemite to make alcohol?

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion encouraged local communities to take responsibility in restricting mass sales of the product, rather than going down a legislative route.

He said: "The government is not seeking to place any restrictions on Vegemite or any other yeast product that may be used in home brew in remote communities.

"Our priority has always been to get kids to school, make communities safer and get people into jobs. Businesses in these communities also have a responsibility to report any purchase that may raise their own suspicions."

The sandwich paste started life as a war-time Marmite substitute but has since become incredibly popular down under.

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