#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair Will Answer Your Questions About Curly Hair

All Your Questions About Curly Hair Answered (So Please Stop Asking)

There are certain beauty truths only people with curly hair know, which is why a bouncy barnet can be a source of fascination for those with naturally straight hair.

So in the interests of satisfying curiosity once-and-for-all we have gathered together the #GrowingUpWithCurlyHair images shared on Twitter that best encapsulate life with curls.

The Questions

1. Why don't you brush your hair?

2.Why won't you leave the house with wet hair?

3. So why don't you blow dry your hair?

4. Ok, so how about you wash your hair the night before?

5. But if you plait your hair before bed problem solved, right?

6. Why don't you want to go on holiday to Italy/Greece/The Seychelles/*insert name of humid country here*?

7. Why don't you just try something new?

8. Don't you know how lucky you are? People pay to have hair like yours.

9. Can I feel your hair?

Leona Lewis

In Praise Of Curly Hair

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