Drunk Guy Stands On Escalator And Doesn't Realise It's Only Moving In His Head

That moment when you're so drunk you don't realise the escalator isn't moving. Yep, that.

A man has unintentionally been awarded his five minutes of fame after being filmed struggling with the apparently herculean task of going up an escalator.

The unnamed man has been viewed in his trance-like state almost 100,000 times on YouTube.

The man just didn't understand

In his own element, he patiently stands on the escalator waiting to get to the top. Little does he realise that the machine is only working in his head.

If anything, this footage proves that escalators are notoriously difficult to navigate, especially when under levels of high alcohol intoxication.

It's unknown how long it took him to scale the static stairs but we're sure, with the help of his supportive friends, he managed at some point.

For now, lets all revel in the relief that we've escaped being that drunk guy caught on camera.

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