Pink Glowing Orb Unidentified Flying Object Spotted Outside Of International Space Station

UFO Spotters Have Discovered Something Strange Lurking Around The International Space Station

Another day and another unidentified flying object has been spotted lurking around the International Space Station.

This time the pink glowing orb was spotted by YouTube-based UFO hunter Streetcap1 and shows a recording from a recent NASA livestream which when panning around, appears to show an unidentified glowing object in the distance.

While this isn't exactly a case of seeing a women on the surface of Mars, many are immediately claiming that this is probably a hoax. In particular the fact that our intrepid YouTuber does have something of a habit of 'doctoring' footage to seem far more extra-terrestrial than perhaps it first might have.

This isn't the first time that UFOs have been spotted near the ISS though, the world's largest space station has a strong history of capturing strange events taking place in its proximity.

One of the most famous events of course was the moment that an object was spotted 'leaving' Earth from one of the ISS' main cameras. The moment the object appeared though NASA cut the livestream saying it was either experiencing technical difficulties or was in the process of switching cameras.

This was either an unfortunate piece of timing or a very cleverly organised piece of censorship, neither of which we'll actually know for sure because NASA unsurprisingly remains fairly tight-lipped about the idea of aliens hanging around one of their biggest space laboratories.

The latest video incident is actually not the most recent, just days ago footage was taken from a spacewalk outside the ISS which seemed to show a strange object hovering in and out of focus.

One of the reasons this might not have grabbed the attention of the UFO-hunting masses as much is that it's very difficult to work out if it's nothing more than a visual artefact on the camera lens.

That said UFO expert Scott Waring believes that this is a prime example of a previous UFO sighting that took place in 1996. Known as the 'Tether Incident' the footage was caught by the Space Shuttle Columbia as it attempted to launch an ill-fated 'Tether Satellite' into orbit.

While the experiment failed, the footage that was captured appeared to show hundreds of tiny organisms or UFOs fluttering around the object.

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