Sex Wearing A Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Produces A Very Educational Graph

This Is What Happens When You Wear A Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor During Sex

Monitoring one’s heartbeat is useful during a workout for numerous reasons, but have you ever wondered what a session in the sack will do to your ticker?

One intrepid Redditor went forth and found out exactly that by donning their Fitbit heart rate monitor during sex.

User Noveltysin posted the results on Imgur, handily pointing out the sequence of events from the donning of a condom, change of positions, to both partner’s orgasms and her own “aftershock”. [Check the comments on Reddit if you don’t know what that means…]

The results of Noveltysin's Fitbit experiment

During the almost nine-minute long er, session, our heroine’s heartrate reaches a peak of 123bmp.

She rather smugly points out in the subsequent comments that she donned the device: “After foreplay so the preceding 20 mins are untracked,” though she admits: “For accurate reading I have to keep it uncomfortably tight on the wrist.”

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