Disney Princess Ice Cube Sends Internet Into Meltdown

The trend of imagining Disney princesses in various improbable, implausible and incomprehensible situations has, for many of us, gone too far.

It's out of control.

So when the characters were imagined as lukewarm bowls of water (...yes, you read correctly) - of course, the logical next step would be for people to find perfectly formed frozen princesses in their iced coffee.

And that's exactly what's happened.

A Twitter user from Japan posted an image of their iced drink online, after spotting the 'likeness' of a traditional Disney character seemingly enclosed in a cube.

It's been retweeted 10,000 times on the social network, and online media have written about the frozen formation's "perfectly coiffed hair (with) a puffy gown to boot".

But is it time this Disney princess craze fizzled out for good? We've imagined where the trend might go next...

Where Next For This Disney Princess Trend?