17/08/2015 07:13 BST | Updated 17/08/2015 07:59 BST

Men And Women Reveal What 'Counts As Cheating' In A Relationship

When it comes to cheating, some people know where the line is drawn.

And others, well, don't.

Now, Reddit users have come to the rescue of those who are a little unclear around the subject, with what they'd class as cheating in a relationship.

From flirting over text to keeping secrets from your partner, if you're doing any of these you're well on your way to hurting someone's feelings.


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Texting. It all goes downhill from there.

By pyta


Anything that you feel guilty about and that you would hate your partner to do behind your back

By power_beach


Foot massages, we act like they don't mean shit but they do, and that's what so fucking cool about them.

By uh_huh_h0ney

If there's a conversation you'd be unwilling for your partner to hear/see, that's a red flag.

By 59913291023787


If proof of it was on your phone, and your partner walked by, would you instinctively cover/turn off/tilt your phone away?

By savewaterdrinkgin

hide phone

Meeting up for some kisses, then a little touching.

By Vdruidv


My rule is "if you wouldn't do it with me sitting next to you, you probably shouldn't be doing it at all". I follow the same rule.

By Annie_M

Any sort of emotional affair. If you're sharing things you wouldn't share with your partner, that's when things get sketchy.

By stacksuponstacks

emotional affair

Flirting through text. Some will say it's just innocent banter, but you know you shouldn't be doing it.

By 1Raizen


Going on dates with other people; even if it didn't lead to anything sexual.

By Sev3n


If it involves another person and you have to hide it from your partner for the wrong reasons (not because you're planning a surprise birthday party or something), you're cheating.

By thethirdriver

Here's what you could probably get away with...

Watching an episode without me.

By steamboat_willy

Liking a Facebook photo.

By Hollins

According to my girlfriend... Masturbating.

By ferociousfuntube

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