Colourblind Man Sees Sunset For The First Time (And It's A Glorious Thing To Behold)

A man with colour blindness has filmed the heartwarming moment he sees a sunset in full colour for the first time.

Aaron Williams-Mele received a pair of Enchroma glasses for his birthday from his parents.

The glasses enable 80% of people with "colour vision deficiency" to see colours clearly, according to the site.

Aaron decided to take his glasses for a test run to watch the sunset at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia.

Putting the specs on and facing towards the sunset, Aaron's initial reaction is priceless. "What the fuck?" he says, smiling.

His friend who is videoing the experience asks: "Is it weird?".

Aaron responds: "Yeah," with a huge grin on his face.

Looking like he's on the verge of tears, Aaron says: "I'm shaking... This is a lot different to what I thought it would be like."

After uploading the video to YouTube, Aaron wrote: "It was a pretty emotional experience."

The video has since been viewed more than 1.5 million times. You can watch the full version below...