Rare Alien-like Jellyfish Spotted In The Gulf Of Mexico

This Isn't An Alien It's A Jellyfish Here On Earth

A rare deep-sea jellyfish has been spotted swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Phillip Trudeau posted a video to YouTube that was filmed by a remotely operated vehicle, 3,330 feet underwater.

The predator, known by its scientific name Stygiomedusa gigantea, has only been spotted some 115 times in the last century.

It owes its alien-like appearance to an umbrella-shaped head to which fours arms are attached.

Each tentacle can grow up to six meters long and is used to capture prey.

The Gulf of Mexico appears to be a hotspot for Stygiomedusa gigantea. In 2010, Professor Mark Benfield from Louisiana State University spotted the bizarre-looking creatures as part of a collaborative project between marine scientists and energy companies.

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