Virgin Media's New Free WiFi Network Will Use Customer Routers

Virgin Media might seem like a high-speed communications company but in actual fact, it's just a big cover-up for Jeremy Corbyn's secret plan to launch high-tech socialism.

This is categorically not true. However Virgin Media's new free WiFi-for-all initiative sounds an awful lot like something that Corbyn would approve of.

Virgin Media is sharing the love when it comes to your WiFi.

That's because the new free WiFi network that the company is launching will be powered almost exclusively by everyone's personal WiFi (your router to be exact).

Later this Summer all of Virgin Media's Broadband customers will be able to download an app which will allow them quick and easy access to WiFi via any nearby Virgin Media SuperHub router.

Thanks to the powerful specs of Virgin's new routers people will legitimately be able to access the WiFi from the street outside. The hope is that they can create an even larger network that results in customers using their mobile data less.

Surely there's a catch? Well according to Virgin, not really. They've promised that any outsider who connects to your router will be given a completely separate connection so it won't affect your WiFI performance or the speed of the internet you'll be getting.

If you're still not comfortable about sharing your WiFi with other people then Virgin says you can easily opt-out, but it does mean you then won't have access to anyone else's WiFi which -- if we're honest -- seems very fair.

There's no official release date on the app launch but Virgin's planning it to rollout late Autumn.