Cassini Captures Last Pictures Of Saturn's Moon Dione


NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn for the last 11 years taking what can only be described as some of the most stunning and humbling pictures of the planet and its 62 moons.

Despite being only the 15th largest moon, Cassini's flybys have been more than impressive capturing some stunning images of the moon against the vast backdrop of Saturn.

These last five flybys have been vital for scientists studying Dione with the last (and closest) flyby hopefully confirming the existence of geological activity.

Dione itself is actually a giant floating ice cube, except imagine your average ice cube is now only slightly smaller than our moon and filled with actual ice volcanoes.

To see it in reality would be astonishing but thankfully Cassini's stunning images help show not only the Moon's incredible composition but also its relationship to Saturn.

Looking like artwork from 'Interstellar', Cassini's photos paint a humbling picture about the planets we so conventionally think about in school textbooks.

Cassini - Dione

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