Giant House Spiders Set To Invade British Homes Thanks To Summer Weather

In news that nobody wants to hear, more giant house spiders are set to head indoors thanks to this summer’s weather.

The spiders, which can grow up to 12cm in length, will be heading into homes thanks to the warm, wet summer.

Oh and to make matters worse, they can BITE.

The BBC spoke to Stuart Hine, an insect specialist at the Natural History Museum, who said: "They can give you a bit of a nip if you pick them up by the leg, saying 'please let go of me' in the politest way they know.

Nope nope nope

”They can even draw a bit of blood, but they don't have venom that can have any effect on us.

Oh God.

He added: ”This is mating season. The males when they are mature will leave their webs in search of a female spider, so off they go on their little trek to find love.

"In doing so they stop feeding so they actually don't live that long as an adult and they're just sort of roaming around."

But one bit of good news is that despite their name, giant house spiders are actually more likely to be found in garages and sheds.

But the news of the influx has already made it to Twitter and people are NOT happy...

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