24/08/2015 07:04 BST | Updated 24/08/2015 12:59 BST

This 104-Year-Old Man Is Way More Hipster Than You

While you may have been carefully curating your vintage flannel collection and waxing your tiny moustache way before everyone thought it was cool, this dude is about to sit you all down.

The below photo of German gentleman Günther Anton Krabbenhöft has been making the rounds on the internet...

And he's definitely more hipster than you.

This 104-year-old man puts all hipsters to shame...

Posted by UNILAD on Saturday, 22 August 2015

Rocking round glasses, rolled-up jeans, a bow tie and man-satchel, his outfit wouldn't look out on place on any young East Londoner.

“I find that I dress pretty normal,” Krabbenhöft says on his own Facebook page. “I’ve always dressed like this. When I went to work, when I go to exercise. I want to look at myself with joy. It’s also always a reflection of my inner self.”

According to UniLad, he's an impressive 104-years-old - but Krabbenhöft jokes that the Internet has doubled his actual age.

Although, as one commenter pointed out, "It's a 35 year old hipster with makeup of an 104 year old to be the hippest of them all!"

The lengths those hipsters will go to these days...


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