24/08/2015 07:42 BST | Updated 24/08/2015 07:59 BST

Dog Pictured Stuck In A Bush In Hilariously Cute Photographs

We've all been there.

One minute running around, the next propelled head first through a bush with our head poking out.

Well, maybe not. But this hilariously, cute shiba inu did just that - and looks as though he couldn't be happier.

shiba inu stuck in bush

Photographs taken by a Twitter user in Japan show the dog precariously positioned in the hedge which borders a garden, over a footpath.

shiba inu stuck in bush

The pup looks out curiously, and appears to be LOVING the experience.

shiba inu stuck in bush

Don't worry though, help soon arrived to retrieve the dog and to make sure he was OK.