People Aged 7 To 93 Give Advice To Younger Selves

When you need advice, who better to listen to than someone older and wiser. No matter your age -- old or young -- time always brings a unique perspective on the way we should have done things.

In this endearing video, CBC Radio asked people of all ages -- some as young as 7 and some as old as 93 -- to share their one best piece of advice for a person just a year younger.

The brutally honest responses were both charming and wise, covering everything from love and relationships, to money and career, to finding your confidence.

Here are just a few of the best things we heard:

- Stop caring so much about what people think. They're not thinking about you at all. Sincerely, a 47-year-old

- A midlife crisis does not look good. Sincerely, a 48-year-old

- Always tell the truth (except in your online dating profile). Sincerely, a 51-year-old

- Spend all your money, or your kids will do it for you. Sincerely, an 85-year-old

And the very best...

"Don't listen to other people's advice. Nobody knows what the hell they're doing. Sincerely, a 93-year-old

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