25/08/2015 18:03 BST | Updated 25/08/2015 18:59 BST

Australian Broadcaster Apologises To Tony Abbott After Showing Tweet From Account @AbbottLovesAnal

ABC, the national broadcaster of Australia, was criticised on Tuesday after broadcasting a tweet from an account that suggested Tony Abbott, the country’s conservative prime minister, was partial to a colourful sexual proclivity.

Though the content of the tweet was banal, the broadcaster failed to notice the missive was sent by @AbbottLovesAnal, which was broadcast on Monday evening's weekly "Q&A" programme.

Abbott: 'The programme is a bit out of control'

Australian MP Fiona Scott was quick to lambast the oversight, calling the broadcast “disgraceful.” Naturally, #AbbottLovesAnal trended on the micro-blogging site immediately after the incident. The Twitter account was later removed, according to The Telegraph.

The newspaper reported that ABC chief Mark Scott was forced to apologise to the prime minister over the faux pas. Abbott later responded by calling the programme “a bit out of control."

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