25/08/2015 13:14 BST | Updated 25/08/2015 13:59 BST

Double-Barrelled Names Are The Trend Du Jour For New Parents

A study has shown that new parents are developing something of a penchant for double-barrelled baby names.

According to the Office For National Statistics, first names such as Amelia-Rose and Lily-May have gained popularity over the years.

In fact, one in six name choices for baby girls now involves a hyphen.

Statistics show that in 2014, there were 1,200 baby girls who were given a double-barrelled first name, compared to just 260 in 2000.

baby girls

The reason why there's a sudden interest in double-barrelled first names is unclear.

Celebrity parents' baby name choices such as Aoife-Belle Foden, Blue Ivy Carter and Lily-Rose Depp could be major influencers.

According to an analysis by the Telegraph, the number of name variations involving '-Rose' has increased dramatically over the years. Last year, the Office For National Statistics reported 245 different variations of Rose in maternity wards, including Amelia-Rose, Esmae-Rose and Dolly-Rose.

Double-barrelled names for boys are less popular, but there's still been an increase since the mid-Nineties.

Other baby name trends apparent in the latest figures include children being named after Game Of Throne's characters and the Kardashians.


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