‘House Of Fools' Axed: Were The BBC Right To Ditch Vic Reeves And Bob Mortimer's Comedy Show? (POLL)

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s comedy ‘House Of Fools’ has been axed by the BBC, and TV fans on Twitter really aren’t happy.

The BBC previously commissioned two series and a Christmas special of the show, however unimpressive ratings mean it will not be returning.

The surreal comedy failed to entice viewers

Despite the fact just one million viewers tuned in to see the comedy’s final outing, thousands of fans have taken to Twitter to slam the BBC’s decision to drop it.

The criticism comes at a tough time for the Beeb, and follows speculation over their decision to cease working with the Met Office, and amid intense scrutiny of their budgets and spending.

Here’s what TV lovers on Twitter had to say:

Though naturally, not everyone agreed...

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