26/08/2015 07:42 BST | Updated 26/08/2015 07:59 BST

13,000 Year Old 'Black Knight' UFO Video Reignites One Of The Original Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are a natural by-product of space exploration, surfacing to provide an answer when neither our eyes or governments are able to provide one.

One of the oldest theories around has to be the 'Black Knight' satellite, a mysterious black object which has been repeatedly referred to in reference to sightings all over the world and indeed even outside of this world.

After a period of absence from the limelight it appears as though the 'Black Knight' is back again, appearing in the sky above Jacksonville, Florida.

Believed to be a '13,000 year-old alien satellite' (no, really), the 'Black Knight' story originates as far back as 1954, however theorists use a series of images taken in 1998 by the Space Shuttle Endeavour which showed a mysterious black object apparently in orbit around the Earth.

NASA quickly dealt with the 'rumour' calling it nothing more than a thermal heat plate that had fallen off the shuttle.

Of course once a theorist gets hold of a good set of images you're unlikely to keep them quiet and the idea has persisted ever since.

YouTube user "secureteam10" who posted the video has a history of posting UFO videos that could be considered 'dubious' by even the most believing of theorists.


That hasn't stopped the video from getting over 133,000 views though, cementing the one singular truth that comes out of every 'UFO discovery'. Whether you believe them or not, people don't want us to be alone in the universe, and in some ways, that's pretty reassuring.