YouTube Gaming Launches In UK As Rival To Amazon-Owned Twitch Streaming Service

Google's YouTube gaming site launches today in the US and UK in bid to rival Amazon's Twitch.

Plans for the site, which will feature more than 25,000 pages as well as livestreams and video content was announced in July as "a YouTube built for gamers."

Google made its announcement after reportedly losing a bidding war for a competing site known as Twitch that also gives gamers the chance to broadcast their games and watch livestream content.

Although an exact time for when the site and its accompanying apps will go live has not yet been announced, gamers appear to have their refresh buttons at the ready.

According to ArsTechnica who tested a preview of the site, one of the advantages YouTube Gaming has over Twitch is that it allows users to pause, rewind and watch livestream content on a delayed mode.

However, some have voiced concerns over the site's copy right enforcer, which will automatically block users if copyrighted content such as music is detected during a livestream.

Despite this, the small print has not turned off too many gamers from giving the site a chance although it will undoubtedly have to play catch up with Twitch. had a 100 million viewers at the end of last year, according to The Wall Street Journal.