Sharon Stone's Fairy Winged Dress: Proof You Can Embody Your Childhood Dreams At Any Age

Sharon Stone Gives Us Serious Bestival Costume Inspo

Sharon Stone sported an unusual choice of accessory at a recent red carpet appearance.

A pair of fairy wings.

Stone, 57, wore this dramatic winged gown to the Hotbed Gala, a charity event with an enchanted garden theme.

Which got us thinking about a certain upcoming event at which fancy dress is de rigueur...

Bestival has a summer of love theme this year and you could easily work a set of feathered wings into your ensemble if you combine them with a bow and arrow to transform yourself into a cherub, (this outfit will work especially well for anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of a match-maker).

Sharon's gown was designed by Traver Rains who is better known for his eponymous range of printed vests and T-shirts.

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