'Distressed' Toddler Rushed To Hospital After Eating 'Cannabis' Found Outside His Home

A toddler was immediately taken to hospital after picking up and eating 'cannabis' he found on the ground outside his house.

Mum Stacey Cotterill, 25, said she was putting out her bins in the Maplewood sheltered housing complex in Macclesfield when her 19-month-old son Archie started playing with a bag on the floor.

Cotterill took the bag off her son as she spotted him putting things in his mouth. She said it was then she realised the bag contained cannabis.

Cotterill rushed her son to the Accident and Emergency department of Macclefield Hospital.

She told Manchester Evening News: "He was very pale and really hyperactive, with a high temperature and was being sick. The doctors think he swallowed some of the drugs.

"It was horrible, he was very distressed."

Archie was kept in the children's ward overnight so doctors could monitor his heart rate and oxygen, but has since come home.

Cotterill said she has found drugs and needles outside the housing complex before and has made complaints to the police.

However the mum said nothing has been done.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said officers are testing the substance.

He told The Mirror: "We received a call from the woman to say while taking the bins out she believed her young child found a bag of cannabis and put it in his mouth.

"We collected the bag from her home for testing and visited the hospital."

Me and my boy u mean everything 2 me xxx

Posted by Stacey Cotterill on Monday, 11 August 2014

Peter Harrison, Head of Cheshire for Your Housing Group who owns the complex where Cotterill lives, told the Mirror: "Your Housing Group has a zero tolerance approach surrounding drug use at all of our properties.

"In the past six months Your Housing Group has made the block at Maplewood more secure by altering the design and access to the rear communal door, upgrading the CCTV system and painting the communal areas."

Harrison added that Your Housing Group have worked with the police to take enforcement action against a number of residents for a variety of anti-social behaviours, including drug use.

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