Angela Merkel Sent Love Letters By Syrians After Germany Changes Asylum Seeker Rules

Just last month Angela Merkel made a young asylum seeker cry live on television but she is now being sent love letters by Syrian people.

The German Chancellor has become an unlikely hero to those hoping to find refuge in her country after a change in the law, according to the BBC.

Germany’s Federal Office for Migrant and Refugees announced on Tuesday that Syrian citizens would no longer be subject to the Dublin Regulation. This means that those seeking asylum will not be sent back to the EU country they arrived in.

Following the announcement, there was quickly an influx of pro-German and pro-Merkel postings to social media.

Germany could take as many as 800,000 migrants arriving this year - four times as many as in 2014, according to its interior minister.

Thomas de Maiziere said more than 360,000 migrants have flooded into Germany this year, including a record of 83,000 in July that he predicted would be broken in August.

Germany remains the top destination for refugees in Europe, receiving 43% of all asylum applications in the 28-nation European Union, he said, adding that Europe has to come up with a better way to share the burden.

Visiting an emergency asylum seeker and refugee centre on Wednesday, Merkel was met by boos and signs including “traitor to the people”.

She said: “There will be no tolerance towards those who are not prepared to help.

“The more people that make that clear, the stronger we will be.”

“Germany will help where help is necessary, and of course we need to put this into practice," she added.

“We cannot act as if this situation was a perfectly normal one. And it will only work if we take this new path together.”