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Frankie Boyle's Labour Party Leadership Opinions Continue To Gain Huge Support

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LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 06: Frankie Boyle performs onstage for 'Give It Up For Comic Relief' at Wembley Arena on March 6, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Frankie Boyle has yet again gained huge support for his potent mix of humour and astute observation of the current state of the Labour Party, with his latest column declaring: "Labour has lost its own internal leadership election".

Writing in Comment Is Free for the Guardian, Boyle says the party "sees enthusiasm as a negative" after its much-criticised efforts to 'purge' those registered to vote in the ballot.

He laces his acidic observations with his familiar brand of humour. In one oft-quoted paragraph, Boyle takes aim at all the candidates, proving no-one is safe from his opinions.


He describes Liz Kendall as "an office manager that's just returned from a course," Andy Burnham as having "carved Fireman Sam's face off," and Yvette Cooper "sounds like something Jeremy Corbyn drove in the 1960s".

He writes of Corbyn's meeting with extremists and others: "In the age of Facebook, we know that calling someone “friend” isn’t necessarily an endorsement, and generally signals an attitude somewhere between antipathy and disgust."

And regardless of how the campaigns fair, Boyle writes: "In any case, I’m pretty confident that the election itself will result in a landslide for Robert Mugabe."

And lots of people couldn't agree more.

guardian comments

guardian comments

But some Labour activists aren't best pleased with Boyle's opinions.

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