'Duck Army' Vine Is Terrifyingly Compelling And May Be The Vine To End All Vines

It's the Vine video that has been called "terrifying" and "scary s**t", and it's blowing up the internet.

The video clip from Vine account Charlie Murphy shows a hand reaching into a shop trolley filled with toy rubber ducks, pressing one which makes a comical squeaking sound as a result.

So far, so normal.

But when the hand reaches into the trolley again and presses down on all the ducks, something deeply sinister occurs.

A scene from the 'Duck Army' Vine

The 'duck army' sound has got everyone talking online. Comedy website College Humour declares it "the most important thing on the internet" saying "There is no point in talking about anything else on the internet right now, since the Duck Vine exists."

Judge for yourself:

Reddit commenters could not contain their joy at the clip, with one saying "If I found this, I wouldn't be able to stop until someone stopped me".

Reddit was also the scene of debate over why the wail of many ducks appears to be lower in pitch than the sound of a single duck.

"My guess is that the pitch increases with the speed of the air," said Reddit user Thornsten. "When it's just one duck on top the rubber rebounds pretty quickly, pulling the air in pretty quickly. When most of the ducks are weighed down with other ducks, the ones below can't rebound as quick since they have to lift the weight of the rest of the ducks, so the air gets pulled in more slowly."

"Or maybe the guy that tunes the ducks isn't exactly a pefectionist," [sic] replied Shoziku.

And the only thing more frightening right now than the 'Duck Army' is the 'Duck Army' reversed:

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