'Celebrity Big Brother': Janice Dickinson Given Formal Warning For Appearing To Spit At Austin Armacost During Heated Row

Janice Dickinson has been given a formal and “final” warning by ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ bosses, after she appeared to spit at fellow housemate Austin Armacost during a heated row.

The US supermodel flew off the handle when hot water in the reality TV house ran out, angry that James Hill, Jenna Jameson, Farrah Abraham and Austin had spent over an hour in the tub.

Janice Dickinson

"I wanted a f*****g bath ok selfish people…it’s called common f***ing decency," she raged.

After Janice then attacked Gail Porter for wanting to clean the bath, Austin raged: "Who unpacked your f**king bags, she spent the whole day unpacking seven of your bags... no hold on a second. She spent hours unpacking your stuff, giving you a tour of the house... she has done everything for you."

Janice later made a spitting gesture towards Austin, but has denied she actually spat at the US reality star.

After being called to the Dairy Room, Janice told Big Brother: "In the garden the fight was escalated... He started to follow me. I did not spit on him. I made the motion that I spat on him."

Austin Armacost

She was then called to the Diary Room later in the day, where she was given a formal warning for her "aggressive" and "unacceptable" behaviour, and told that it was the first and last warning she would have.

However, long-term fans of the show questioned why she wasn’t removed, as ‘Big Brother 9’ housemate Dennis McHugh was ejected for spitting at Mohamed Mohamed in 2008 during a fight.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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