Intel Unveils 'Powerful' New Skylake Processors Using GoPro Cams And Selfie Sticks

Intel has unveiled its new all-powerful Skylake processor using six GoPro cams and a selfie stick at the IFA 2015 tech conference.

Intel says its latest processors, including the i3, i5 and i7 which are used in most PCs and laptops, will be two and half times faster than the current options on the market while also providing graphics that are 30 times better.

To prove their point, they used a souped-up selfie stick that had six GoPro cams showing off a 360 degree view in 4K definition.

And before you ask, no that selfie stick is not available to buy yet.

They also said the processors could be included in "notebooks and All-in-One desktop systems" that will allow us to take 3D selfies. Oh good, more tech to feed our narcissism.

In a statement, Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president said:

"New 6th Gen Intel Core-based systems are more responsive than ever with enhanced performance, battery life and security.

"And they can enable amazing new PC experiences like logging into your computer with your face and having a personal assistant respond to your voice.

"The combination of 6th Gen Intel Core processors, Windows 10 and beautiful new systems from PC manufacturers make this the best time ever to buy a new computer."

However, their ambitions for tech don't stop with powerful processors.

They have also hinted at revealing 25 products for the Internet of Things, in the future.

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