Kim Jong Un Giggles On North Korean TV Watching Military Drills And Missile Launches

Chilling footage of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un clapping his hands with glee and giggling during military inspections has emerged.

The Supreme Leader can be seen apparently erupting with joy as he watches a missile launch and army drills.

Reportedly from a June test launch, the broadcast was aired on state television as tension between North Korea and South Korea remains heightened.

Kim Jong Un claps with glee when the missiles are launched

The footage gives a bizarre insight into the carefully constructed propaganda that the regime controls.

The country has a history of releasing such images to present its military prowess to nations during conflicts.

In North Korea television is entirely state-controlled and gives only a very limited view of the daily lives of its people.

The agenda is usually driven by the leader's activities, production figures, visiting dignitaries, and the unveiling of new architectural monuments.

Last month tensions flared on the borders ofNorth and South Korea, after Seoul reinstated its loud-speaker broadcasts which play music and preach democracy.

South Korean military officials are said believe this kind of psychological warfare to be very effective against the North.

An anonymous source told The Chosun Ilbo that “From Kim Jong Un’s perspective, the loudspeaker is one of the biggest threats and an insult to his regime, as it exposes corruption in three generations of the Kim dynasty.”