Doctor Who: Yvette Cooper Says Olivia Colman Should Be First Female Actor To Take The Role

Yvette Cooper has said who she would prefer to be the first woman to play The Doctor in 'Doctor Who' and, in the same tweet, had a swipe at her Labour leadership rival.

Cooper told HuffPost UK's Paul Waugh that she was enjoying Peter Capaldi in the role but added he was rather "sad", adding: "We do need a woman Dr Who at some point, don’t we?”

She later tweeted a link to the article, saying Broadchurch star Olivia Colman would be "ace".

Oliva Colman

She also added there could only be a female Doctor "when the time is right," a mocking reference to Andy Burnham's comment when asked if his party should have a female leader.

The tweet prompted someone to make a joke about the leadership contest.

And someone else to take it all way too seriously.