Dad Locks Up Teen Daughter's Closet With Clever Twist After She Racks Up £350 Phone Bill

A dad took discipline to a whole new level after his teenage daughter racked up a phone bill of £350.

Julia Cramer, 13, was uploading too many Instagram posts which caused some sky-high data fees.

Her dad, Jared Cramer, put a padlock on her closet, shutting away her clothes, shoes and jewellery. But it gets even better.

He labelled groups of items with numbers on sticky notes, which indicated the number of chores to complete to earn those clothes back.

Cramer told NBC: "My daughter told me the news about the bill when I was driving. She called me and said, you owe 500 and some odd dollars."

According to WWBT, Cramer took his daughter's phone away and locked up the belongings a week before school started so she had enough time to earn in back before the beginning of term.

The single dad said he gave her the basic necessities to survive, as well as three outfits from a supermarket (that he chose).

But props to the teenager who has sucked it up and has kickstarted her chores to get her wardrobe back.

The dad added: "She said to me, 'you know what dad, I know you love me, I know I messed up, and I'm gonna work this off.'"

Cramer told Yahoo Parenting his daughter is a "wonderful child who has a great attitude in life" but he simply wanted to teach her about the importance of money.