10/09/2015 06:46 BST | Updated 10/09/2015 08:59 BST

26 MPs Named And Shamed For Failing To Pay Back Expenses

PA/PA Wire
Acting Labour party leader Harriet Harman speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London.

Twenty-six current and former MPs who had expenses debts of up to £500 written off after failing to pay them have been named and shamed by the Commons watchdog.

On Thursday the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) published a list of names including current ministers Caroline Dinenage, Tobias Ellwood and Edward Timpson.

In total £2,105.43 worth of debts owed 2014-15 have been written off.

Ipsa chief executive Marcial Boo said: "As the regulator of the public funds that go to MPs, Ipsa ensures that taxpayers’ money is used transparently, and that MPs are appropriately resourced to carry out their parliamentary functions.

"Our regular publications include every single penny claimed by MPs, so that taxpayers and voters can see for themselves how their money is spent and gain assurance that IPSA is scrutinising MPs’ expenditure on their behalf."

Former MPs who have yet to pay back money owed include ex-Lib Dem communities secretary Stephen Williams and ex-Labour health secretary Frank Dobson.

The prime minister’s spokesperson said David Cameron “expects anyone who owes money to pay it back, and I think a number of minsters are intending to do that”.

Full list of MPs who owe money:

  1. Barry Gardiner
  2. Caroline Dinenage
  3. Charles Hendry
  4. Chris Skidmore
  5. Clive Efford
  6. Daniel Poulter
  7. David Mowat
  8. Edward Timpson
  9. Frank Dobson
  10. Frank Roy
  11. Guy Opperman
  12. Ian Mearns
  13. Joe Benton
  14. Julie Hilling
  15. Khalid Mahmood
  16. Laurence Robertson
  17. Michael Meacher
  18. Paul Farrelly
  19. Peter Bone
  20. Sian James
  21. Stephen Barclay
  22. Stephen McCabe
  23. Stephen Williams
  24. Stewart Jackson
  25. Tim Yeo
  26. Tobias Ellwood