Pinky The Pink Dolphin Could Be Pregnant Says Captain Erik Rue

This Bubblegum Pink Dolphin Could Be Pregnant

A fisherman who first spotted the mysterious pink dolphin, aptly named "Pinky", has claimed that the bottle-nosed mammal is pregnant.

Captain Erik Rue caught sight of the creature in 2007 while fishing on his boat with his company Calcasieu Charter Service.

Rue claims he has observed Pinky for the last eight years and said that at first she was very close to her mother.

Pinky, as seen in with her mother

Rue told a local news channel: “We still see her swimming almost every day in the summertime. We’ve seen her a lot in the last few weeks. She looks happy and healthy."

He also claimed that he's witnessed Pinky mating, making him curious to see if she's pregnant and if she'll be having a dolphin calf soon, and if so, what color it will be.

Greg Barsh, a scientist who studies the genetics of color variation, has previously stated that the dolphin is likely to be an albino.

National Geographic report that even if Pinky gives birth, its unlikely that her child would be the same bubblegum colour.

To produce another pink dolphin, Pinky would have to mate with another carrier of the mutated gene, providing their offspring a fifty-fifty chance of inheriting the color.

Albinism occurs when cells that normally make the pigment melanin, responsible for skin, hair, and eye color, fail to produce it at normal levels, or at all.

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